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Oct 27, 2012 9:00am EDT
me, in the chesapeake bay area but by no means does that mean the storm misses us. it's still a very powerful storm with very significant winds. the models are coming to a conclusion that somewhere on the delmarva or up to long island would be the best landfall possibility. at various times anywhere from monday afternoon to early tuesday morning. any of these solutions give us fits as far as the weather's concerned but again that would toss the strongest winds and heaviest rains to our north. we'll talk with her that coming up in a minute. now we want to go to the beach and sarah, i see the breeze is strong and you're not close to the storm yet. >> yeah, that's right, john. it's a world of difference this morning compared to what it was like last night when we were out here at 5:00 and 6:00. it was calm last night. now the breeze has picked up and the water has been getting quite choppy. it's really a reminder that hurricane sandy very much on her way. a beautiful fall afternoon in ocean city and even though hurricane sandy is still days away, a closer look shows the resort town is a
Oct 20, 2012 9:00am EDT
using force again john mckenna during a chaotic terps victory celebration in 2010 in college park. the jury decided officer baker used reasonable force but found harrison used too much force. mckenna was unarmed, but attorneys defending the officers say that he was waving his fists around while illegally approaching a police lineup. they also claim mckenna threw a punch. prosecutors say the officers never yelled a command for mckenna to stay away and they dispute mckenna threw a punch. either way a split verdict means mixed emotions for the state's attorney and for the students at the center of all this. >> we believe tonight that the citizens of prince georges county have spoken loudly and clearly that, although we appreciate and we really honor the protection that's provided to us, that protection must be reasonable. that protection must reflect the dignity of every human being in this community. >> definitely glad that some justice has been done today. it's been a long two years for me and my family, but it was a broader crime committed here, and it spans way further than the t
Oct 6, 2012 5:00am EDT
shop. the owner of the shop used the tickets himself and our officers were there at the stadium to take him out of the seats and question him. >> the shopowner gave police the name of one of the suspects and officers managed to arrest them both during a friday morning traffic stop do you know how long it's been since the o's have been to the playoffs? i had red hair. there's no red hair left. what time is it? i don't know. >> game time. >> and the temperature's 62 at thurgood marshall. can an aspirin a day keep memory loss away? why researchers say the white tablet is good for more than just your heart. >>> you know you're still handsome, right? you still have it. >> tell me more lies. i love it. >> where does yur favorite eatery rank when it comes to cleanliness? the push for recent health grades. >> you're looking at a live picture outside. i'm just seasoned. john has your weather plus weather forecast next. stay with us. i moved to new york to work in fashion. i came here with just a suitcase, maybe two. and luckily i found an apartment just three blocks away from t.j.maxx, which was
Oct 27, 2012 5:00am EDT
with rains reaching from ohio and kentucky and tennessee. they all come together over us and we will see the first hint of this maybe tonight and better chance tomorrow and the real show starts monday and tuesday. more on the forecast coming up. >> with the devastating summer derecho fresh in our minds, people are stocking up on food and buying generators if they can find them. rob roblin has more. >> at clement hardware, people were lined up to buy generators. gordon clement says he sold over 100 generators in four hours this morning. >> people stockpile for storms like this. when it does happen, it's a good day. >> are they selling fast? >> we are down to 150 and we are four hours into it so i figure by the end of business on saturday, i think they'll be gone. >> if you've ever lost electricity for a length of time, you know what that's like. >> pretty sure we will be without power and all that stuff. >> not worried about air conditioner but the freezers for a few days and they said it could be longer. >> down at wilson point park, folks were busy pulling out boats for what could be a
Oct 6, 2012 9:00am EDT
us inside all the messy fun that was had by the o's players and staff following their big win. >> please forgive my appearance, my smell. you might even be able to smell me back in baltimore after coming out of the orioles club house. that was quite the celebration. champagne and beer flowing. they finally had chance to celebrate a post season victory. it's been 15 years since they won a game in the playoffs. the champagne celebration, something special. >> watching the orioles come into games as a kid. to give them playoff baseball, you know, and, you know, it's a special feeling. i can't explain it. >> something you dream of when you're a little kid. even now, it's awesome. awesome to be here. it sucks to not be part of it physically. mentally i'm here. i love watching these guys play. i battled with them all year. i'm happy for them. happy for the organization. happy for all the fans. >> the orioles t owners, the fans, the players, i mean, hats off to everybody. and this is a young team. >> can't last very long. sunday at home against the yankees to kick off a division seri
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)